Race to Nowhere

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Karuna School held a public screening of Vicki Abeles’ documentary film, “Race to Nowhere,” followed by facilitated discussion groups at the Harvey Wheeler Center in Concord, MA.

“Race to Nowhere” is an award-winning documentary about the need for school reform in the face of the current policies and practices of American schools that are obsessed with testing, performance and competition. The film offers a glimpse into the impact these practices have on the physical and mental well being of students and calls for more humane schools in which students can learn in a stress-free environment of support and collaboration.

The facilitated discussion groups following the film focused on identifying the guiding principles that we would like to see for our children’s education, how to bring real change to our schools and how to help students deal with stress.

For more information about this film and the movement for school reform it has fostered, please click here: www.racetonowhere.com

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