The Vision of The Karuna School, A High School for Peace

Since 2007, we have been gathering momentum to build an innovative high school that addresses the current issues of our times and enhances the traditional learning experience by awakening the heart as well as educating the mind. In sustaining this balance, we will challenge our students personally as well as academically, providing a five-year emotional and peace-building curriculum in addition to our other course offerings.

The Karuna School will be an independent day school in the western suburbs committed to exploring the potential for peace in ourselves and in the world. By offering opportunities such as global travel, service learning, and environmental sustainability studies we will encourage students to realize their strengths, their authentic selves, as well as the ability to create change.

It is our vision that by cultivating the seeds of wisdom and compassion in our students, they will lead loving, thoughtful lives and be a dynamic presence for peace in the world.

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