The Karuna School Welcomes Founding Head of School,

Adrienne I. Miller

Dear Friends of Karuna,

We are thrilled to announce that, after much anticipation, Adrienne I. Miller has begun her tenure as the Founding Head of the Karuna School! Before you read her introductory letter, we would like to tell you a little bit about Adrienne and about the process that brought her to us.

As you may know, we searched in earnest for the right person to fulfill the exacting role Founding Head of School for over two years. As part of the search process each member of the Karuna School Board of Directors drafted a description of the ideal Head of School. Some of the qualities we all agreed were essential in the Head of the Karuna School were the following: the ability to convey to young people a deep respect and caring within the context of high expectations and a strong structure, the ability to articulate a set of moral values on behalf of the school community that characterize the culture of the school while conscientiously seeking to embody those values, and the ability to approach young people as whole human beings faced with the same issues of moral agency and meaning as adults.

In the spring of 2010 mutual friends told us about an extraordinary young woman who had been a faculty member at the Groton School for the past six years teaching history, sponsoring the Hindu/Buddhist sangha, and directing Groton’s global education initiative. They encouraged us to meet this friend, Adrienne Miller, simply to share mutual interests. The first time that Ted and I sat down with Adrienne around our kitchen table, we were all electrified by the points of connection between us and our conversation went on for several hours. We immediately felt, “This is the person we have been waiting for!” None of us could hide our enthusiasm about the possibility of our working together to create a new kind of school whose pillars would be mindfulness, sustainability, and compassion.

Over that summer Adrienne took some Groton students to East Africa for a service learning experience. We anxiously awaited her return, hoping that we could soon introduce her to our Board. Last fall we embarked on a series of interviews and meetings with Adrienne. As part of the process, Ted and I sat in on one of Adrienne’s classes at Groton, a sacred text course with 9th graders. It brought us to tears to watch Adrienne skillfully and lovingly inspire her students to probe the depths of the Bhagavad Gita and its timeless lessons. In November at our Board meeting, a member of our Board expressed a sentiment shared by all, “Remember the writing exercise we did last winter? Adrienne fulfills all our expectations and more!” By December we had completed the process and made an official offer to Adrienne to become our Founding Head of School.

So, we are proud to introduce you to Adrienne I. Miller and hope that you will have a chance to meet her in person very soon. We are now confident that, with your support, the Karuna School will open its doors in September, 2013!

Love and blessings,
Prajna and Ted

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