The Karuna School at the October 2009 Bioneers by the Bay Conference

Kristin Wellan

From October 23-25, the streets of downtown New Bedford, MA, pulsed with an energy of excitement, knowledge, and action. People gathered at movie theaters playing mind-enriching documentaries on world and environmental issues, shopped at farmers markets selling fresh local produce, and attended workshops on composting toilets, eating raw macrobiotic diets, and making vermiculture (worm) composting bins. Artists performed, calling out to people to wake up to the need for action in a world where humans are walking too heavily on the planet that gives them life. Alixa and Naima of Climbing poeTree spoke poetry that made the soul both fall silent into contemplation and also rise up with a deep desire to create change.

Leaders on the cutting edge of the environmental awareness movement gave sobering and inspiring lectures. These lecturers included: Will Allen, Paul Hawken, Winona LaDuke, Khepe-ra Maat-Het-Heru, Nipun Mehta, Juan Pacheco, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Woody Tasch, and many others. All of their lectures can be downloaded for a minimal fee off of the Bioneers by the Bay website.

A wonderful member of our community donated to The Karuna School an exhibitor table as well as passes to all the lectures and events at the conference. We had the opportunity to speak with numbers of people who believed in our mission and who were working on their own projects and organizations that are complimentary to ours. It was an energizing experience taking up the streets of New Bedford with farmers markets, green street vendors, and large tents filled with tables of exhibitors all trying to make the world a better place one idea at a time. What a strong presence we all made in the streets of this city! Those of us who attended with The Karuna School all came home ready to continue our work towards our school’s opening day with even more enthusiasm and sense of purpose.

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